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In Honour of Professor Miklos on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Picture: Professor Miklos Csorgo
Dr. Miklos Csorgo,

The Laboratory for Research in Statistics and Probability (LRSP) is hosting a three-day international conference in honour of the work of Professor Miklós Csörgo on the occasion of his 70th birthday at Carleton University in Ottawa. The date for the conference, is May 23-25, 2002.

The official organizers of the conference are Lajos Horváth of the University of Utah and Barbara Szyszkowicz, Carleton University. Both are colleagues and collaborators of Professor Csörgö and both are currently active doing research in Asymptotic Stochastic Analysis. Local organization and administration will be handled by Gillian Murray, Coordinator of the Laboratory for Research in Statistics and Probability at Carleton University.

This conference will be a smaller version of an earlier conference, ICAMPS'97 (International Conference on Asymptotic Methods in Probability and Statistics), that was held at Carleton University in July 1997, and will cover topics related to Professor Csörgö's research interests, which are wide-ranging and cover a broad spectrum of probability theory and stochastic processes.

The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) awarded Miklós Csörgo the 1996 Gold Medal on June 2, 1997 on the occasion of his Gold Medal address "A Glimpse of Pál Erdos as a Probabilist-Statistician" at the opening session of the 1997 Annual SSC Meeting in Fredericton. The citation accompanying his Gold Medal reads, "To Professor Miklós Csörgo, F.R.S.C., in recognition of his prolific and fundamental research on random processes, ..., and for his central role in promoting the study of statistics and probability in Canada.''

The proceedings volume from the conference ICAMPS'97, "Asymptotic Methods In Probability and Statistics", edited by B. Szyszkowicz covered the following topics:

· Limit Theorems for Variously Mixing and Quasi-Associated Random Variables
· Central Limit Theorems for Logarithmic Averages
· Strong Approximations, Weighted Approximations
· Empirical Distributions and Processes
· Iterated Random Walks
· Fine Analytic Path Behaviour of the Oscillations of Stochastic Processes
· Multiparameter Stochastic Processes
· Results Related to Studies of Local Time and Hitting Times of Bessel Processes
· Large Deviations, Small Ball Problems, Self Normalization
· Stochastic Bifurcation
· Change-point Analysis, U-Statistics, Non-Smooth Functions, Comparison Distributions
· Empirical Reliability, Survival Analysis
· Gaussian Bootstrap, Monte Carlo Simulation
· Autoregressive and Moving Average Schemes
· Nonparametric Curve Estimations, Regression Diagnostics
· Testing Statistical Hypotheses
· Tail Index Estimation, Order Statistics of Order Statistics


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