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In Honour of Professor J. N. K. Rao

J.N.K. Rao email:jrao@math.carleton.ca

The Laboratory for Research in Statistics and Probability, Carleton University, University of Ottawa
held a conference in honour of the work of Professor J.N.K. Rao on the occasion of his 65th birthday.

The conferencewas held July 10th-13th, 2002 at Carleton University in Ottawa, commencing on
Wednesday morning, July 10th. The conference covered topics related to Professor Rao's wide-ranging
research interests, particularly his interest in a broad spectrum of sampling topics, with sessions in
Sample Surveys, Biostatistics, Time Series, and Statistical Inference.

Professor Rao has been at the forefront of research in sampling theory and methods since 1960.
He has made fundamental contributions to the so-called classical theory of sampling, to the foundations
of sampling during the debates of the 1960s and 70s, to a variety of aspects of variance estimation,
to the analysis of complex survey data and to small area estimation. Over this forty-year period his
work has been, and continues to be, at the cutting edge of research.



The Conference was sponsored by the Laboratory for Research in Statistics and Probability, Carleton University - University of Ottawa;
Survey Research Methods Section of the American Statistical Association; the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
and Statistics Canada.

"Appreciation Award to
J.N.K. Rao
in recognition of outstanding and distinguished
contributions to the effectiveness of
Statistics Canada"
Presented by David Binder, Statistics Canada

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